Don’t Get Caught By a Red Light Camera

Recently, Orange County and the City of Orlando have completed the installation of dozens of new red light cameras. There are many debates to why the red light camera have to be installed.

Arguments include:

  • Increased Driver Safety
  • Another Revenue Source
  • Lack of Enforcement
  • Reduced Budgets

Whatever the reason, running a red light camera will cost you a few hundred dollars and depending on how many times you have been caught by a red light camera in the City of Orlando, the punishment maybe more severe.

It is in your favor to hire a traffic attorney with years of experience fighting red light cameras and other traffic tickets in court.

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Being pulled over and then receiving traffic tickets Florida, is certainly no way to have a good day – especially if you are from out of state. The good news, though, is that whether you live locally or out of state, you are entitled to an advocate with ticket lawyers Florida.

The cost of traffic tickets Florida is really more than you might think. You have the three-fold possibility of a hefty fine, points against your license, and your auto insurance may increase. Of course, if you have had other tickets recently, the potential cost to you is even greater.

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