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We Promise to Provide You With:

Personal Attention
Aggressive Representation
Prompt Service
Money Back Guarantee*
Reasonable Fees

Personal Attention
We will assign the right Florida traffic ticket attorney who will be responsible for the successful handling of your case and keep you informed about the progress of your case. Read bios on Orlando Florida Traffic Ticket Attorneys.

Aggressive Representation
Using our 20 years of combined experience, we will aggressively represent your interests in court. We have handled thousands of Orlando Florida traffic ticket cases including speeding tickets in Orlando, DUI in Orlando, and all other traffic citations in and around Central Florida.

Prompt Service
Every client is entitled to prompt service. We will handle your matter promptly and professionaly. All telephone calls are returned the same day, if possible. Our goal is to also reduce or eliminate your need to attend court.

Money Back Guarantee*
If you receive points on your driving record we will refund our attorney’s fee in full.
We make this promise with all our civil infraction violation clients (non-court mandatory cases only). If we do not keep points off your driving record as of result of our representation, we will refund our attorneys’ fees (Guarantee applies only in Orange County). Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Reasonable Fees
Consultations are free of charge. We encourage you to give us a call or stop by the office to discuss your case before making a decision. We are here to help answer your questions about the process. Our duty of loyalty is to you, including charging reasonable fees.

We handle a high volume of Florida traffic tickets without compromising the personal attention. Our clients benefit from the resources of our firm and the experience we have accumulated over the past 17 years.

Florida DUI Attorney – Skubiak & Rivas, P.A.

Florida DUI Attorneys ◦ Central Florida’s Traffic Defense Law Firm

If you need a Florida DUI Attorney contact Skubiak & Rivas, P.A.

Florida DUI Attorney’s will help defend your right to drive again in Florida. Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. has been practicing Florida traffic law since 1993. Contact us today to find out how our Florida DUI attorneys can help with your Florida DUI charges.

Remember what’s at stake if you plead guilty to your Florida DUI charge, reducing your chances for:

  • Potential new job opportunities
  • Becoming a member of professional licenses
  • Job opportunities with the police and homeland security
  • The military, and
  • Other industries might be unavailable to you- if you plead guilty to your DUI charge

Don’t plead guilty to a Florida DUI charge before talking to a top Florida DUI attorney, Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. They will help review your case and identify all the reasons for you to fight back, such as:

  1. When we fight DUI cases, our clients are generally extremely satisfied. Find out why. Contact us today for a free consultation.
  2. If you refuse to take a breath test we will work to ensure this not be held against you in court.
  3. If you refuse to perform a Field Sobriety Tests we will work to ensure this is not held against you in court.
  4. Field Sobriety Tests are often administered incorrectly by police let us investigate this for you.
  5. We will work to ensure a jury will not have access to any of your prior convictions, as this is prejudicial information.
  6. If the case is won then you will avoid insurance premium increases; find out how.
  7. The police officer might not have had a legitimate reason to have pulled you over. Let us investigate the merits of your case.
  8. In many cases you are not in any worse case if you lose than if you pleaded out your case.

You have 10 days to fight back against your Florida DUI case

Use your time wisely by selecting the right law firm to protect your rights. Contact Skubiak & Rivas for a free consultation.