Did You Receive A Red Light Camera Ticket? We Can Fight It For Your In Court!

Red light camera tickets have caused motorists more frustration than tickets issued for just about every other moving violation. Years ago, most recipients would just pay the associated fines to make the tickets go away. But today, more and more people consider red light tickets to be unfair and even unconstitutional.

They’re going to court to fight them. And importantly, they’re seeing success.

If you’ve received a red light ticket because a camera supposedly caught you violating the law, don’t simply pay the fine. You can fight the ticket and keep your driving record clean.

Notice Of Violation Vs. A Moving Violation Ticket

The first item you’ll receive in the mail is a Notice of Violation. It generally arrives within 30 days of the alleged offense. The Notice of Violation isn’t a ticket. Your driving record isn’t affected by it. Moreover, if you pay the corresponding fine (typically $158), your insurance rates are unlikely to increase.

If you refuse to pay the fine, the state of Florida will issue a formal moving violation ticket regarding the alleged offense. It will impose a larger fine (typically $277) and you’ll be given 60 days to pay it.

What To Do When You Receive A Red Light Ticket

What you do at that point ultimately determines the ticket’s impact on your driving record and insurance rates. Most people capitulate. They give in and pay the fines. The problem with doing so is that it guarantees the offense will show up on their driving records. When their auto insurers check their records, they’re likely to increase their rates.

A better course of action is to contest the ticket. Hire a law firm with experience in fighting red light camera tickets and go to court. Your attorney may be able to get the citation dismissed. A dismissal would not only help to keep your driving record clean, but also prevent your auto insurance rates from climbing as the result of a conviction.

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Understanding Your Right to Fight a Red Light Camera Fine in Orlando, FL

Traffic tickets are easy to obtain and extremely costly to pay, which is why knowing your rights and having a strong traffic ticket attorney are essential in order to avoid fines associated with red light cameras. By first understanding exactly what you’re dealing with when talking about the new red light cameras that are being installed in Orlando, then you can begin to understand how to fight the citations associated with them that are many times undeserved.

Receiving a citation from an officer is a completely different ball of wax then getting caught by a red light camera. Red light cameras simply detect movement once the light turns red and take a picture of any moving cars license plates as they pass beneath the camera. These same cameras can also calculate speed in many instances, and will also snap photos of speeding offender’s license plates. So if you are going through a yellow light that turns red, then the camera is very likely to see that as a violation where an officer may not. This discrepancy is one of many reasons that obtaining advice from a qualified red light camera attorney, lawyer, or consult is critical to escaping an undeserved fine.

Another issue that is often faced when dealing with red light cameras is malfunction. If the camera is not working properly, then it will often continuously capture license plates rather than only capturing the license plates of those speeding or failing to stop at the light. You see there is no one to double check the cameras information, and citations are automatically generated by matching your license plate to your registration information, and generating a summons or citation to be mailed to your address on file automatically. It is important to understand that you are not dealing with people as in the case of being pulled over by an officer. You are simply dealing with information that is processed by the camera to a computer.

So, what abilities do you have to fight with the decisions of machines? This is one of the many things that can be answered by a qualified traffic ticket lawyer. Florida is changing many of the ways that citations are issued in order to try to remove more of the human element from them. It is important to know that equipment can fail, cameras can capture the image of the wrong vehicle, and wrongful charges can often be sent to your doorstep. Before you think of simply paying a citation, understand that you may have done nothing wrong and seek assistance from a qualified Orlando attorney who is familiar with the new traffic camera systems.

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Don’t Get Caught By a Red Light Camera

Recently, Orange County and the City of Orlando have completed the installation of dozens of new red light cameras. There are many debates to why the red light camera have to be installed.

Arguments include:

  • Increased Driver Safety
  • Another Revenue Source
  • Lack of Enforcement
  • Reduced Budgets

Whatever the reason, running a red light camera will cost you a few hundred dollars and depending on how many times you have been caught by a red light camera in the City of Orlando, the punishment maybe more severe.

It is in your favor to hire a traffic attorney with years of experience fighting red light cameras and other traffic tickets in court.