Understanding how to get an Orlando DUI overturned

Orlando’s DUI Lawyers ◦ Central Florida’s Traffic Defense Law Firm

If you received a DUI in Orlando, don’t despair. By hiring a professional and experienced Orlando DUI lawyer, you will be able to protect your rights. Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. focuses on DWI or DUI in Orlando.

Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. will examine your Orlando DUI case to find ways to overturn your case, including:

  • Sobriety Field was inaccurately administered
  • Lack of probable cause for being pulled over
  • Being pulled over for bad weather driving
  • Weaving inside the lanes

Contact Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. to review your case during a free consultation. We have been helping those charged with a DUI in Orlando, since 1992. We have over 30 years of combined experience, which we will bring to the courtroom to defend your rights.