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Red Light Camera Tickets


Many cities in Florida are now using red light cameras to hand out tickets. These cameras are here to stay and we have experience fighting these tickets.

Highly recommended. I received a red light camera ticket and was referred by a friend. With one phone call, I hired Skubiak & Rivas to help take care of my ticket. The case was dismissed and I was very satisfied with the efficiency in how they represented me. They are true professionals, and if I ever get into a similar situation, my first phone call will be to Skubiak & Rivas. – Carla Firlotte

After you are given a citation for running a red light, you have only a few weeks to fight the citation. When you receive the citation, do not delay. Call our office to schedule an appointment at 407-894-4449

Don’t go to court and risk losing. Hire us to fight red light camera ticket.