Addressing Interesting and Relevant Criminal and Traffic Ticket Legal Issues

brandon-gans-orlando-traffic-attorneyAs a new Associate Attorney with Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. I’m excited to be part of one of Orlando’s most established criminal and traffic defense firms. This will be my first of many blogs highlighting pertinent areas of criminal and traffic legal issues. However, for this inaugural blog I would like to focus on the firm itself and discuss how I came to work for Skubiak & Rivas, P.A.

I first became acquainted with Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. while working as an Assistant State Attorney with the State of Florida. A substantial portion of my caseload consisted of criminal traffic cases. Whenever I saw Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. as the defense firm on a case I always knew what to expect. The attorneys were consistently prepared, legally knowledgeable, and aggressively represented their clients. Furthermore, their professionalism both in and out of the courtroom gained respect from prosecutors and judges alike.

After three years as a prosecutor I decided to take my skills and experience to a private firm. I chose Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. not only because they are well known in Orlando but also because I could see their passion for what they do. Anyone who speaks to either partner, Robert Skubiak or Alain Rivas, will immediately notice the dedication to their clients. Since it is the people that make the firm, it was clear this firm was a good fit for me.

At Skubiak & Rivas, P.A, the primary goal is to attain the best possible results for the clients. This is accomplished through knowledge and experience in the field of practice. Robert Skubiak and Alain Rivas have over thirty years of combined legal experience. They appreciate the importance of having a working knowledge of this area of the law and considered this when hiring me as an Associate Attorney.

For three years I served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit. During that time I had extensive training and experience in enforcing Florida’s traffic laws. Conducting traffic stops, issuing courtesy notices and traffic citations, and making traffic arrests were routine activities while on patrol. Other duties included seizing and searching persons and property. This real world experience is invaluable in defending criminal cases and traffic infractions.

Now that I am an Associate Attorney with Skubiak & Rivas, P.A, I have the opportunity to put my knowledge and experience to work for my clients. I am truly honored to be a part of this prestigious Orlando defense firm. Future blogs will be forthcoming regarding relevant topics on criminal and traffic legal issues.

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Knowing and Hiring an Orlando Traffic Attorney

After many years of representing clients aggressively in Court, it seemed appropriate to discuss some recent developments within the legal community and specifically, traffic defense.

In 1993, I began a practice in traffic defense in Orlando. It was a thrill to see the firm take off from the humble roots of an energetic solo practice. As a large client base developed, I had the good fortune of adding Alain Rivas to the firm and we established Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. Both Alain and I have been passionate about our practice from day one, and we both shared a love of daily court and the high pace and challenge of a busy firm.

It was important during these formative years that an internal code of conduct and culture to our firm be established. The relationships that I had the good fortune to develop through hard work and communication became paramount to continuing a large client following. My staff and I have always made ourselves available to clients – one of the tenets of our business. Every business day I have the privilege of meeting current and new clients to discuss and strategize their cases. We have an open door policy welcoming those that wish to consult us, every afternoon after court. Whatever the facts of an individual case may be, they are very important to each client and it is an honor that we are in a position of trust with these important matters. As we acknowledge every client’s trust as a responsibility we are serious about taking the emotional weight off of a client by this open door policy.

It is always a relief to clients that they may drop in any afternoon they wish to go over any other questions or issues they wish to discuss. It fosters excellent representation and puts our clients’ minds at ease as many cases take months to resolve. We have developed a strong history of representation across all fields of traffic defense and in all but a few cases over the years, we serve these clients or their friends and family again and again.

Over these past several years, I have noticed a disturbing trend. Firms have marketed traffic defense without offices or local staff to properly handle a case. There are firms that are based hundreds of miles away from Orlando. The clients do not have the privilege of meeting an attorney face to face, and are discouraged from contact after the initial Free Consultation. These same clients often come to me asking me how do these firms get away with such a loose practice. My short answer is that their practice is usually short lived.

It am thrilled to have offices in Orlando and Kissimmee that have been established for many years. Orlando office has been in the same building since 1999, and since we are here to stay, we bought the building.

Knowing your attorney, and hiring local counsel is a big advantage for serving a client. It has been our privilege to have an office in the center of town, to be a known presence within the local courts. We are recognized as a firm that delivers excellent service to our clients starting with a Free Consultation to the resolution of your case.

At Skubiak & Rivas, our clients are taken seriously. We succeed in Court because we can be found there every day fighting for our clients. That is a practice of our firm and that will never change. Please stay safe – we are here for you.


Robert P. Skubiak
Orlando Traffic Attorney