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What To Know If You’ve Been Arrested On A Marijuana DUI in Florida

Though the use of medical marijuana has been legal in the state of Florida since 2017, and voters approved an amendment to the state constitution allowing lawmakers to make recreational use of marijuana legal, that law has not yet been passed. Law enforcement officers have begun to receive training in detecting driver impairment from the […]

What To Expect With A First-Time DUI In Florida

If you’ve been arrested on a first-time DUI offense, you’re facing a frightening time with a lot at stake. Taking the right steps from the moment you’re arrested can help you protect your rights and build toward an effective defense against the charges you’re facing. Be polite to any law enforcement officers you have to […]

3 Things You Should Do After A Florida License Suspension

A driver’s license suspension can occur for numerous reasons, including a DUI conviction, accruing too many points on your record, or even failing to pay child support. Fortunately, you have options. A seasoned Orlando traffic defense lawyer can help you to get your license reinstated so you can again enjoy your driving privilege. Following are […]

Florida DWI: What Happens If You Refuse A Breathalyzer Test?

A breath test is one of the most common ways that police officers determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). An officer who suspects you of intoxication might ask you to breathe into a breathalyzer, an instrument that measures BAC via the presence of ethanol in your breath. If the device measures your BAC above 0.08, […]

WordPress Resources at SiteGround

WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their WP websites: Expert WordPress Hosting SiteGround provides superior WordPress hosting focused on speed, security and customer […]

What Are The Consequences Of A Florida Speeding Ticket?

It’s estimated that more than 100,000 speeding tickets are given each day. They’re so common that people have grown accustomed to paying them rather than fighting them. But doing so may be unwise. Although receiving a speeding ticket in Florida may seem inconsequential in the present, it can carry consequences that plague you for years. […]

How To Fight (And Beat!) A Speeding Ticket In Florida

Speeding tickets generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. For that reason alone, police departments and courts hope that drivers will simply pay the tickets rather than contest them. And to their delight, that’s precisely what most people do. But you can choose not to play that game. Instead, you can fight your speeding […]

4 Most Common Reasons For A License Suspension In Florida

Florida imposes serious penalties for knowingly driving with a suspended license. The first time you’re convicted of this offense, you could end up spending 60 days in the county jail and paying $500 in fines. If you’re convicted a second time, you could spend a year in jail and pay $1,000 in fines. Thus far, […]

Top 4 DWI Defenses In Florida (And Why You Need A Lawyer!)

Florida courts use a heavy hand in their treatment of offenders who drive while intoxicated (DWI). If you’re convicted of a DWI, you might be forced to pay significant fines and spend up to six months in jail. And that’s for a first-time conviction. The penalties are much harsher for second and third offenses. For […]

3 Reasons To Contact A Florida Speeding Ticket Attorney

A speeding ticket can impact you in several ways. You may be forced to pay a hefty fine; the infraction can add points to your driving record; and it can cause your insurance rates to rise. Depending on the number of points you have on your driving record, it can even jeopardize your driving privileges. […]