How To Fight (And Beat!) A Speeding Ticket In Florida

Speeding tickets generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. For that reason alone, police departments and courts hope that drivers will simply pay the tickets rather than contest them.

And to their delight, that’s precisely what most people do.

But you can choose not to play that game. Instead, you can fight your speeding ticket in Florida. With a seasoned Orange County traffic attorney at your side, it’s possible to get your case dismissed, keeping your driving record clean in the process. Here’s how…

Hire A Florida Traffic Ticket Lawyer

This is the most important step. Although you can represent yourself when fighting traffic tickets, doing so puts you at a disadvantage.

An experienced attorney will know how to identify flaws in the police officer’s process – flaws that can result in the judge dismissing the ticket. In the event the officer’s process is perfect, your attorney can negotiate the form and extent of disciplinary action.

Inform The Court

You must enter a “not guilty” plea to contest your speeding ticket. This takes place at the courthouse.

Note that this isn’t the actual trial. It’s just a preliminary hearing. After you plead not guilty, you’ll be given a trial date.

This date may be months in the future. Don’t despair as this can work in your favor. For example, the officer may be less likely to show up in court, prompting the judge to dismiss your case. The long wait may even violate the Speedy Trial Clause, which can lead to the same outcome.

Prepare For Your Trial

Find out how the police officer determined your speed. Did he or she use a radar? Was pacing used? Or did the officer rely on VASCAR? None of these measures are flawless.

Next, inspect the documentation related to your speeding ticket. Review the evidence. Check the date and time noted on the ticket. Look for a citation number. If a radar device was used, look for a notation regarding when the unit was last checked and calibrated. If there’s anything wrong with the documentation, it may provide an opportunity to get your ticket dismissed.

Your attorney will do the heavy lifting. His or her experience in fighting speeding tickets and getting them thrown out or having the penalties reduced will prove invaluable.

The Orlando traffic defense lawyers at Skubiak & Rivas have successfully defended clients in all types of traffic-related cases since 1993. We’re ready to aggressively defend your case, as well. If you recently received a speeding ticket in Florida, don’t pay it without first speaking to one of our attorneys. Call 407-894-4449 today or complete this form to schedule a free consultation.