Dangers of Texting and Driving

You have seen the news reports and may have been an eyewitness to an accident yourself. Cell phone use, either texting or talking causes drivers to lose partial focus. Texting and Driving Statistics show that 69% of drivers in the United States alone, ages 18-64 have admitted to talking on their cell phone while driving. In Europe, the same group polled reported anywhere from 21% in the UK to 59% in Portugal.

Texting and Driving Dangers

1. Speeding- when your attention is split, you become less cautious of the pressure you apply to the gas pedal causing you to travel at unsafe speeds.

2. Reaction Time- studies have shown that your reaction time doubles when your driving is distracted, potentially causing you to fail to see the car in front of you braking in time.

3. Drifting- when reading your cell phone screen or replying to a text distracts you and your car begins to drift into other lanes, posing a threat and danger to other drivers.

4. Less Alert- because reading and composing a text message cause you to look at something other than the road, you are far less alert regarding your surroundings.

Distracted driving is unsafe driving, with all the things already competing for your attention while driving, texting is one that is extremely unsafe to add to the equation.

Texting and Driving Law Article Starting October 1, 2013