Texting and Driving in the State of Florida May Result In Accessed Fines and Points On Your Florida Drivers License Starting Oct. 1 2013

Created by the Florida Legislature, the “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law” prohibits the use of wireless communication devices for texting while driving. Governor Rick Scott approved the proposed legislation in May 2013 and the new law will take effect on October 1, 2013. Drivers can not be stopped by police if seen texting while driving, they must first have committed an offense that warrants being pulled over and then be cited for texting in addition.

The law does not allow police to search the phone records of drivers unless there has been an accident or injury fatal in nature.

Florida is the 41st state to impose a texting while driving ban and although it considered ‘weak’ in strength, many are glad to finally have a law in place. Texting has been proven to be a dangerous distraction to drivers of all ages. Diverting your eyes while driving causes drivers to lose focus of the road, pedestrians, and other drivers which can cause property damage, accidents, and potentially loss of life.

Texting fines in Florida will begin with a thirty-dollar citation for the first offense, sixty-dollars for the second offense and six points on your license.

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