Fight Your Speeding Ticket

Traffic Courts, DMV and other agencies don’t always make things easy for people. Sometimes they are simply understaffed and unable to take the time to assist. Sometimes their rules and procedures are not clear. Some industry insiders even suggest they purposely keep things confusing (unsure what to do or how to do it, people are less likely to fight and more likely to pay). Ultimately, a person who is having difficulty figuring out what to do and how to do it is more likely to enlist the assistance of an attorney.

Why fight traffic tickets?

Why fight traffic tickets? Traffic tickets, from a minor moving violation to a high speeding ticket, can cause a multitude of problems.

Points added to your driver license

Most states have some version of a point system to measure how good (or bad) a driver is and most states have a maximum point limit at which they will suspend and/or revoke your driver license.

Higher insurance payments

Convictions, even if they carry no driver license points, make a motorist a greater risk to insure and therefore subject to higher insurance rates. To learn more about automobile insurance, click here.

High fines, surcharges and assessments

Traffic ticket convictions come with fines and court surcharges that in many cases are greater than the fine itself. Many states also have assessment programs that charge additional fees based on point accumulation. The current state of the economy isn’t helping as many jurisdictions have been rapidly and severely increasing these penalties in efforts to raise revenue.

Driver license suspension

Either due to a specific type of violation or an accumulation of points, convictions can lead to suspension of your driver license. Failure to take care of a traffic ticket in a timely fashion may lead to driver license suspension as well. To learn more about driver license suspensions, click here.

Driver license revocation

Convictions for certain types of violations can lead to full revocation of your driver license. Driver license revocation usually means you’ll need to reapply for a license from scratch. To learn more about driver license revocations, click here.


If you drive under an employer’s insurance policy, accumulation of points makes you a greater insurance risk and could result in your termination. Any problems at all with a Commercial driver license can quickly and easily lead to employment issues. To learn more about CDL, click here.

Arrest Warrants

If you fail to answer a traffic ticket on time, some courts will issue a warrant to compel you to appear.

Permanent Criminal Record and/or Imprisonment

While most traffic tickets are considered violations, more serious offenses may actually be considered misdemeanors. Misdemeanors are criminal offenses and may affect your employment, immigration or other status. Some are punishable by jail.

Remember … these are all potential problems related to traffic tickets. Every situation is different and will always be a combination of the offense(s) you’ve been charged with, your driving history, the particular state and court you are answering to, etc.